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Pay tribute to fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, aunts and uncles, and grandparents who worked in southwestern Pennsylvania industries by adding the names of the men and women—past and present—to the list of southwestern Pennsylvania’s proud work force.

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First Name Last Name Location Dates Worked
Terry Gates Republic Steel e.g. 1974–2017
Curtis Salter Homestead Works 1972–1985
Elwood Loreski Homestead e.g. 1941–1974
George Emery Superior Drawn Steel Monaca PA e.g. 1944–1987
William A. Carney Jones and Laughlin 1885–1896
Jacob Theobald USS Clairton Coke Works e.g. 1928–1955
William Jr. Lammie Homestead Works - O.H. 5 1979–1983
William Sr. Lammie Homestead Works - Pipe Shop 1955–1984
John W. Mohr Edgar Thompson Braddock 1884–1912
Chris Golembiewski Allegheny Ludlum
Francis "Smokey" Ridge Duquesne Works 1953–1985
Herman Berger American Bridge - Aliquippa
Claudia Minick J & L Aliquippa Works 1980–1983
Henry Glogowski Sr. J&L Tin Mill Aliquippa 1959–1986
Ron Friess Crucible, J&L, LTV 1956–2000
James Ventura e.g. 1948–1971
Bud Stobart J&L Steel union laborer e.g. 1976–2016
Joe Gribbin Homestead Steel OH5 Accounting 1939–1983
Dr. Byron 'Bucky' Phillips J & L Steel, Southside 1968–1971
Walter J. Forrest Irvin Works 1963–1985
Eldred Cornell Crucible Midland Pa. e.g. 1940–1980
Edward Emanuel Homestead Works 1945–1981
George Lucosh Duquesne Works –1984
Karl Gaber J & L / LTV Southside Works e.g. 1949–1979
William Greenaway National Tube, McKeesport, PA 1975–1976
Michael Feyes Carrie Furnace e.g. 1946–1986
Michael Feyes Carrie Furnace e.g. 1946–1980
Michael Feyes Carrie furnace e.g. 1945–1986
Michael Golock Carrie furnace e.g. 1946–1986
George Golock Carrie Furnace e.g. 1947–1986
George Golock Carrie Furnace e.g. 1975–
George Golock Rankin e.g. 1947–1987
George Agie Homestead oh5 e.g. 1973–1985
John Lesko Homestead Works e.g. 1923–1965
Frank P Cmar Duquesne Works e.g. 1947–1983
MIchael Cmar Duquesne e.g. 1905–1948
Florence Knightly Production Planning, US Steel Homestead Works 1943–1961
Mike Mihalchik Homestead Works
Bob Slowikowski Weirton steel BOP 1972–2006
Anthony Suchy J&L Southside Works e.g. 1960–1963
Ken Bair Carrie Furnace e.g. 1974–1978
Michael Highfield Crucible Steel, Midland, Pa 1973–1982
Louis "Goldie" Goldman Duquesne Works 1940–1976
Louis (Goldie) Goldman Duquesne Works 1938–1978
Louis M Goldman Duquesne Works 1965–1984
Louis M Goldman 1965–1984
Daniel Tepovich Crucible Steel, Midland e.g. 1936–1981
Kevin Pingor Carrie Furnace, 48,100, & 160" mill 1977–1981
Frank J Hayek Edgar Thompson Works 1892–1936
Albert Serak J&L Steel Corporation / Aliquippa Works
Albert Serak J&L Steel Corporation / Aliquippa Works
Andrew Gigliotti Edgar Thompson ??–1967
Andrew J. Gigliotti Edgar Thompson ?–1967
Leslie Joel Richards Homestead Works 1940–1962
Randy McQuiston Cold Draw B&W Beaver Falls PA
Jean McQuiston office worker Koppel steel mill B & W Koppel PA
Kenneth Tillia Hot Mill B&W Beaver Falls PA 1955–1986
Stanley Babbit J&L Steel South Side 1941–1975
Glenn Milslagle Duquesne Blast Furnace 1926–1965
Albert "Abby" Freiwald USSteel Clairton Works e.g. 1935–1974
Tony Kambic Homestead Works Forge/Transportation 1979–1983
Ray Kleppick Sr. J & L /LTV Hazelwood. 1949–1981
Douglas Cook National Works, McKeesport 1975–1977
James Cook National Works, McKeesport 1966–1984
William (Billl) Clark Christy Park Works/USS 1967–1968
Joseph Berry Firth Sterling,McKeesport 1940–1967
Frank Lesko Duquesne works ?–1980
Joe Balls Homestead Works 1962–1981
Robert Bell J&L/LTV Steel--Aliquippa Works 1956–1986
Thomas Charlton McKeesport 1964–1976
Derek Locke Duquesne 6-7 shipping 1980–1984
Robert mooch Gibson Duquesne 1952–1984
Joseph R. Topper 32" mill e.g. 1975–
Burt Lightell Heppenstall 1972–1979
Karen Frederick Crucible Steel - Midland 1979–1979
Cliff Frederick Crucible Steel 1946–1981
John Stipetich J & L 1915–1955
Red Barry Homestead Works 1940–1982
Mike Barry Homestead Works and Duquesne Works 1981–1984
Herbert Schiender Irvin Works ????–1980
Kenneth Lightner Edgar Thompson ????–????
Daniel Lightner Edgar Thompson ????–????
John Newman Carrie Furnaces 1969–1984
Robert Asson US Steel Homestead Works 1908–1959
David R. Asson US Steel Homestead Works 1935–1981
George Kovach Homestead 100 Inch MIll 1938–1977
John Newman Carrie Furnaces 1969–1982
Dorene Morrow Beyer J&L Aliquippa 1982–1984
Sanford Beyer, II J&L Pittsburgh and Aliquippa 1970–1985
Sanford Beyer, Sr. J&L Pittsburgh and Aliquippa 1949–1982
Jenning Hylton J & L 2nd Ave 1955–1959
Edward Fontanese Duquesne Electric Furnace 1971–1985
Harold Batchen Structural-Homestead Works 1949–1982
Martin Conners J&L Steel South Side 1966–1999
Frank Pukas Homestead Works 1914–1952
Leo Schaming Mesta 1940–1982
Bernard O'Kane Homestead Works OH5 1926–1961
James McClelland Homestead District Works 1968–1969
Ann L Thomas 100" office 1954–1964
Joseph Beyer Electric furnance 1969–1984

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The 45-Inch Mill

The 45-Inch Mill
Constructed in 1942 as part of Homestead's World War II expansion, the 45-inch mill was in operation until the early 1980s.