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Local tour guides make 125 years of Big Steel come alive on tours. See how the steel industry played a major role in shaping not only the economy but also the culture and environment of the Monongahela Valley communities. 

Carrie Furnaces Industrial Tour

Group tour in deer head plazaDeclared a National Historic Landmark in 2006, Carrie, as it is affectionately known, entices visitors to marvel at the scale and legacy of its industrial might. The guided Industrial Tour highlights the drama of the iron-making process - from the movement of raw materials to the tapping of the furnaces producing fiery molten iron - while sharing the stories of the site's technology, its workers and their culture.

Carrie Blast Furnace Tours are offered May - October.  The site is closed at all other times. 

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Photo Safaris at Carrie Furnaces  
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The entrance to Carrie Furnaces is located at Carrie Furnace Boulevard, Rankin, PA 15104. Please note that this is a new road and may not be recognized by your GPS or online mapping programs; it normally works on Google Maps however.  

Click here for turn by turn directions from Homestead/Duquesne and Edgewood/Swissvale.

If the ROAD CLOSED signs on Carrie Furnace Boulevard are up, please go around them and follow the road through the open gates to the parking lot.  

Private group tours and photographic opportunities are available Monday through Friday, by appointment only. Contact Stacy Drane or call 412-464-4020 ext. 32 for information.  

All visitors to the Carrie Furnaces are required to sign a LIABILITY WAIVER.  


160-inch Mill

160-Inch Mill
The Homestead Works 160-inch Mill was one of the largest plate mills in the U.S.