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The River Ran Red


Blair Brown narrates this gripping account of a community's struggle to preserve its way of life. In the summer of 1892, a bitter conflict erupted at the Carnegie Works in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The nation's largest steel maker took on its most militant labor union, with devastating consequences for American workers. Homestead's Burgess, "Honest" John McLuckie, and union leader, Hugh O'Donnell, challenge ruthless industrialists Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick along with a fascinating cast of characters including 300 armed Pinkerton guards and anarchist, would-be assassin, Alexander Berkman. This American tragedy still resonates 100 years later, especially in regions hard hit by the decline of heavy industry.

Produced and directed by Steffi Domike and Nicole Fauteux and presented by WQED Producations. Narrated by Blair Brown. Music by Molly Mason and Jan Ungar.

58 minutes color documentary stereo
Copyright 1993 Steffi Domike and Nicole Fauteux