Man of Steel

The "Man of Steel"
by H.L. Garry
The man of steel stands proud,            
his shoulders broad and strong.
As fire and smoke await him,
the river valley echoes his song.
A menacing furnace gaping,
fierce fire that burns and swells.
An overpowering force to bear,
the steel man knows it well.
Welding sparks flash bright,
as the towering smoke stacks cough.
Forged as the steel - in the heat,
the steel man carries on.
His heart is a heart like no other. 
His soul is that of the earth.
His strength is the strength of the steel itself. 
His driving fire like that of the open hearth.
Though the furnace has turned cold
and the trace of smoke no longer remains,
the steel man has forged his place in history,
through all of his many pains.
The steel man's labors support the bridge,
a bridge across generations.
Carrying a nation through the years,
still he receives no ovations.
What of the endless hours he's spent?
What of his untold journey?
What of his family who turns to him
and tries to calm his worry?
He struggles to keep what he's worked for,
supporting his family though the fire is gone.
The steel man's family has no fear,
but for him, their saddened eyes look on.
His labor has earned him respect,
and a revered skill, his trade for life.
The steel man will continue his battle,
but now it is his own fight.
The steel man is very strong. 
To this day I respect his persevering might.
For this man is my father,
who has been a real "Man of Steel" my whole life.


The 45-Inch Mill

The 45-Inch Mill
Constructed in 1942 as part of Homestead's World War II expansion, the 45-inch mill was in operation until the early 1980s.