This virtual exhibit shows the intense concentration of both large and small mills that once dominated the landscape of southwestern PA. Search the map to find the locations of mills, coke ovens, and foundries as they stood in different points in history. Click on a mill icon to learn more about that site.

Steel Footprints

A Virtual Tour of the Pittsburgh Industrial District, 1750 – Present

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Location Area Address
Clinton & Millvale Iron Works Millvale --
Clinton Rolling Mill & Furnace/Clinton Iron & Steel PittsburghSouth Side --
Coal Yard --
Coke Ovens PittsburghSouth Oakland --
Cold Rolled Steel Co. --
Colonial Plant, Teledyne-Vasco Monaca --
Columbia Steel & Shafting Co./Teledyne Columbia-Summerill Carnegie --
Commercial Steel Corp. Glassport --
Connellsville Manufacturing and Mine Supply Co. --
Cool Spring Furnace --
Copperweld Steel Glassport --
Crescent Steel Works PittsburghLawrenceville --
Cromie Machine & Tool Co. 4800 Harrison St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Crucible Steel PittsburghStrip District --
Crucible Steel, Midland --{fp_address}
Damascus Nickel Steel Works/Damascus Tool Steel Co. --
Damascus Steel Casting Co. New Brighton --
Davidson Coal Co. PittsburghLarimer --
DeHaven Stove Works --
Demmler Bros. --
Dexter Spring Works Verona --
Diamond Foundry PittsburghNorth Side --
Dilworth, Porter & Co. PittsburghSouth Side --
Donora Steel Works, American Steel & Wire/US Steel Donora --
Dravo/Frontier Steel Co. Neville Island --
Duferco-Farrell Steel Co. --
Duquesne Co. Tin Plate PittsburghSouth Side --
Duquesne Forge Co. Rankin --
Duquesne Lime and Coke Co. Coke Ovens PittsburghNorth Side --
Duquesne Rolling Mill PittsburghStrip District --