This virtual exhibit shows the intense concentration of both large and small mills that once dominated the landscape of southwestern PA. Search the map to find the locations of mills, coke ovens, and foundries as they stood in different points in history. Click on a mill icon to learn more about that site.

Steel Footprints

A Virtual Tour of the Pittsburgh Industrial District, 1750 – Present

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Location Area Address
Duquesne Works Duquesne --
Eagle Malleable Iron Foundry PittsburghStrip District --
Eagle Rolling Mill & Tube Works --
Edgar E. Brosius Co. --
Edgar Thomson Works Braddock 13th Street and Braddock Avenue Braddock, PA 15104
Edgewater Steel Oakmont --
Edith Furnace PittsburghNorth Side --
Eichleay Corp. PittsburghSouth Side 33 S. 19th St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Elliott Company --{fp_address}
Ellwood City Forge Ellwood --
Ellwood City Forge Commercial Avenue Ellwood City, PA 16117
Ellwood Quality Steels Ellwood --
EPIC Metals Corp. Rankin 11 Talbot Avenue Braddock, PA 15104-1106
Etna Iron Works Etna --
Eureka Steel Works PittsburghSouth Oakland --
Evans Foundry/PIttsburgh Gray Iron Foundry PittsburghNorth Side --
Faber’s Foundry PittsburghDowntown --
Fairfield Furnace --
Firth Sterling McKeesport --
Fisher Foundry Machine Co. PittsburghSouth Side --
Foley Foundry PittsburghDowntown --
Follansbee Metals Co. --
former site of Standard Chemical Company --
Fort Pitt Boiler Works PittsburghDowntown --
Fort Pitt Foundry, MacIntosh-Hemphill Co. PittsburghStrip District --
Fort Pitt Iron & Steel Works/Carbon Steel Works PittsburghStrip District --
Fort Pitt Iron and Spring Co. McKees Rocks --
Fort Pitt Iron Works PittsburghStrip District --
Fort Pitt Malleable Iron Co. McKees Rocks --
Fort Pitt Steel Casting Company McKeesport --