Mobile Sculpture Workshop

The Mobile Sculpture Workshop, a community outreach program of The Industrial Arts Cooperative, is a summer workshop aimed at sharing the techniques of safe and proper welding and metal fabrication while producing a large-scale sculpture for public display. Mobile Sculpture Workshop Students

A work-in progress sculpture will travel to 12 community events and festivals throughout the summer of 2015. Apprentices will demonstrate live sculpture making and creative process at events throughout the city. These sites will offer one-on-one training opportunities to learn professional techniques in welding and metal fabrication. The Industrial Arts Co-op is looking for qualifed students with recommendations from local sponsors (teachers, mentors, community groups). Selections will be based on individual interests and needs. At the scultpure's completion, students will also be paid a modest stipend as collaborators for their participation in the project. Download the application.

What is the Industrial Arts Co-op?MSW sculpture
At the heart of the Industrial Arts Cooperative is a commitment to serve the creative needs of its people through community outreach and collaboration. It is the mission of the IAC to inspire artistic literacy in the City of Pittsburgh by offering enrichment opportunities that advance the understanding and process of sculpture making artists and their work.

2015 Dates to Remember

April 1 - Deadline for applications

April 24 - Selection of apprenticeships

May 1 - Orientation

May 9, 16 and 23 - Training sessions

May 16 - September 13 - Summer workshop events

Visit the Mobile Sculpture Workshop to learn more.


Our Rivers: Yesterday and Today

Our Rivers
The story of the Monongahela River is one of our nation’s history, our industrial revolutions and one of the men and women whose labors, previously and presently, earned the Monongahela River the title of “Ruhr” – The River of Sweat.

The Monogahela: River of Dreams, River of Sweat

The history of the hardest working river in America.