The Rivers of Steel Curriculum is meant to be an introduction to the study of the industrial and cultural heritage of southwestern Pennsylvania. The information and activities are designed to assist teachers and educators in the preservation of our rich heritage. All activities have been designed to be adapted for classroom use. The activities can be altered, as needed, for age, ability level, curriculum area, or for any other reason necessary to make them useful within the classroom.

The activities are in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these documents. You have permission to print out the information and activities you want to use, and you may adapt anything to meet your needs.

Curriculum is available on the following subjects:


Our Rivers: Yesterday and Today

Our Rivers
The story of the Monongahela River is one of our nation’s history, our industrial revolutions and one of the men and women whose labors, previously and presently, earned the Monongahela River the title of “Ruhr” – The River of Sweat.

The Monogahela: River of Dreams, River of Sweat

The history of the hardest working river in America.