Field Trip:
Environmental Science on the Three Rivers 

Students explore and engage with Pittsburgh's three rivers by applying scientific principles. They'll analyze living and nonliving indicators of water quality and correlate results with industrial history, historical and current land use. The process serves as a springboard for exploring issues of sustainability and green design! 

Applicable for grades 4 -12; includes in classroom use of the Science Captain's Resource Chest and complimentary admission for the Act 48 workshop (one teacher included for every 30 students!)

To schedule, contact Christine by email or call 412.464.4020, ext. 40.


Act 48 Workshop: 
Exploring the World of Freshwater Ecology

Friday, April 21, 2017
9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
RiverQuest Explorer

Discover Pittsburgh's river ecology onboard Explorer, a 94' long, two-tier, environmentally friendly, passenger vessel.  Learn about watersheds, point and nonpoint source pollution, and the living and nonliving components that comprise an urban river ecosystem. Participate in hands-on sampling techniques and assess the overall health of Pittsburgh's waterways.

RiverQuest offers award-winning environmental education programs onboard Explorer, the world's first vessel to have LEED standards applied to its entire engineering and construction process. Explorer docks on Pittsburgh's North Shore, adjacent to Carnegie Science Center. RiverQuest is now a program of Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation, and supports the greater mission of Rivers of Steel to celebrate our region's past, while embracing our future, by connecting people to their environs.

Successful completion of this professional development opportunity includes six Act 48 credit hours.

To register, click here. Questions? Call 412.464.4020, ext. 45.


Our Rivers: Yesterday and Today

Our Rivers
The story of the Monongahela River is one of our nation’s history, our industrial revolutions and one of the men and women whose labors, previously and presently, earned the Monongahela River the title of “Ruhr” – The River of Sweat.

The Monogahela: River of Dreams, River of Sweat

The history of the hardest working river in America.